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All books are checked out for a period of two weeks. When a student checks out a book, the due date is stamped in the back of the book. At the end of two weeks, if a student is not finished with their book, they may recheck it or turn it in. To recheck a book, the student must physically bring it to the library.

Students are given a grace period of three school days to recheck or turn in their overdue book before a fine is incurred. Therefore on the fourth day, when a book has not been rechecked or turned in that student has a fine of 40 cents. Fines accrue at a rate of 10 cents a day until turned in. Once a book has been turned in, the fine does not keep going up. It stops at that point. So if a student turns in a book a week late (5 school days), their fine would be .50 until paid. (Fines do not accrue over weekends or holidays.)

Every morning an overdue list is sent to the ELA teachers indicating who has an overdue book(s) or fine. Students are not allowed to check out books when they have overdue books or owe fines.