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Community and School Profile

The Community and the School District


Lexington, with a population of ~1000 citizens, is a small rural community located 50 miles east of Austin and 55 miles west of Bryan and College Station.


Conservative in nature, the community is family oriented and retains traditional values. With a rich historical background dating back to 1824, Lexington is viewed as a good place to raise a family. The area has several active service organizations including Lions Club, Volunteer Fire Departments, Volunteer EMS, American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Community Chamber of Commerce, Masonic Lodge, and Eastern Star, as well as a rich base of denominational churches.


The school district has strong academic and vocational programs.


A comprehensive guidance and counseling program covers all grades with three counselors working for the emotional, academic, and career choice needs of the students. The district’s ~1000+ students are housed on three campuses. The high school and middle school are on one site, with the elementary school two blocks away.


Band, athletics, career, and technology leadership programs involve approximately 75 percent of the students in grades six through 12.


The district encourages staff involvement in the site based and district wide decision making process. All decisions related to curriculum, staffing, budgeting, planning, staff development, and school organization will have staff and community involvement.