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Mission and Vision

The Mission of Lexington ISD

Lexington Independent School District fosters a community of life-long learners by providing an environment that builds self worth, integrity, and respect for diversity while striving for excellence.

Our Shared Vision

Every individual student is fully prepared both academically and socially to meet the challenges in a changing world filled with endless opportunities. They are life long learners who as individuals, respect other people’s cultures, ethics, and values. Our graduates are successful, confident, creative, and critical thinkers who contribute to their global communities.

Our well maintained campuses are fully equipped, safe and meet the developmental needs of all students. Our professional, caring and dedicated staff provides positive leadership. Our aligned and implemented curriculum challenges each student so that all develop their full potential. Our open communication and trusting relationship between home and school ensures a positive learning environment so that each student is proud of their school and community. They leave Lexington Independent School District prepared for success.

The communities served by Lexington ISD are totally committed to supporting public education. Effective community planning allows us to efficiently use all of our resources. Our citizens, as positive role models, business leaders and mentors, do everything necessary to promote a mutually beneficial partnership for educational excellence throughout our district.